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Discover Dudley

The geology of Dudley borough and the Black Country has played a significant role in shaping the area’s heritage and ingenuity. The natural resources found under the ground have brought wealth to the area for hundreds of years. The Black Country became a Global Geopark in 2020 in recognition of its international importance of its natural and cultural heritage. For more information, see the Black Country Global Geopark section below.

Fossil remains such as ammonites, corals and trilobites, some dating from 420 million years ago have been found in the area. Limestone, created by the shells of tiny creatures living in the shallow tropical sea the area was once covered by, has created a unique and interesting heritage for the area.

Geological collection

The geological collection is made up of approximately 15,000 fossil, rock and mineral specimens.  Visit Dudley Museum at The Archives to see some displays of fossils and minerals from the collection.

Wren's Nest

Wren's Nest was declared as the first National Nature Reserve in 1956 in an urban area for its exceptional geology and palaeontological features of Silurian age (dating to approximately 420 million years ago).

Barrow Hill

Barrow Hill - Dudley's very own Volcano is unique in that it has preserved the conifers that were growing on its slopes 315 million years ago, making them the oldest three-dimensional conifers yet discovered in the world.

Geology matters

Geology Matters is a website showcasing the geology collections of three Black Country museums.  Visitors to the site can search the collections, read articles or watch videos of museums’ curators discussing various geology matters.